Really appreciate his care

Dr Branch settled my worries and changed some medication so that I can feel better. I have been stressing over my face having a flare up and he calmed me. Really appreciate his care.

My face looks wonderful!

I had an IPL procedure on my face with fantastic results! I had previously had the procedure done at another dermatology office ( by a technician) with terrible results. I discussed my concerns with Dr. Branch, he was happy to listen! And he actually did the procedure himself! My face looks wonderful!

He is great with children!

Dr. Branch is great. He is very thorough in addressing all skin issues I have had. He is patient in answering questions and explaining procedures. I am especially thankful that this practice responds quickly if you call wth a skin concern. My husband had two melanomas and he was seen very fast to have them removed. Follow up care is great. Dr, Branch has called us personally with results from biopsies. He follows my whole family including adult children and small grandchildren. He is great with children!

It was so refreshing to meet a doctor that gave multiple options.

It was so refreshing to meet a doctor that gave multiple options. Dr Branch’s recommendation for me did not result in the most revenue for his practice, but it made me the most happy patient. Thank you Dr Branch!

Service was very professional

Very quick – in and out. Service was very professional with explanations on all areas looked at. Dr Branch was extremely nice and answered all of my questions. I feel very confident in the Dr’s diagnosis and will continue to utilize his practice as long as there is a need.

I am a 45 year old male and look like I am in my early 30’s again!

I have been seeing Dr. Branch since the spring of 2017 and needless to say I have shaved years off the appearance of my face. If your looking to stop and even reverse the aging process the fountain of youth can be located in his waiting area. Over the past year Dr. Branch has performed various procedures on my face, all of which look natural and show no signs of having work done. Often at work I receive comments such as you looked refreshed or even, ‘is it me or do you look younger.’ Dr. Branch has used fillers from Galderma, ie dysport an lyft. But the two procedures which I feel have had the greatest impact are the two injections of ‘Sculptra’ along with the six laser sessions he provided in house to remove my crows feet. The best thing about the lasering of the crows feet that there was zero down time. Just had the appearance of getting a little to much sun, which after all, along with gracefully aging is how I ended up in his office. Most people are shocked when I tell them I am a 45 year old male and look like I am in my early 30’s again!!! I would recommend seeing him now while he is still accepting new patients!!! Thanks Dr Branch!!!

I would tell all of my friends and family to come here.

I had a great experience with this acne treatment and all of my acne is gone now! Such a great staff and doctor, so friendly and helpful. They were very personably and I would tell all of my friends and family to come here.

Dr. Branch is an excellent doctor

With 3 month regular appointment, we have managed to maintain good control of my skin cancer problems. Dr. Branch is an excellent doctor and is very thorough in performing my body scans. I have recommended Dr. Branch to others including my family members which includes my wife, daughter, grand daughter, and grand son.

Dr. Branch and his staff are absolutely fantastic.

Dr. Branch and his staff are absolutely fantastic. I have seen Dr. Branch for dermatology and cosmetic reasons. I used to have cosmetic surgery but now there is no need for that. Dr. Branch has not only improved the texture of my skin and greatly reduced aging wrinkles but has given me the self esteem of a 20 year old. I would highly recommend Dr. Branch for all dermatology needs and cosmetic options.


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